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The necessity of detecting lightning protection equipment

Update:04 Aug 2016

Mentioned lightning protection, people naturally think […]

Mentioned lightning protection, people naturally think of lightning rods. Many people have doubts about lightning protection every year. The lightning protection system can prevent lightning wave intrusion and damage caused by lightning overvoltage intrusion devices. Here's a look at why lightning protection facilities are tested every year.

The necessity of lightning protection

  1, timely detection of equipment damage to avoid accidents

  The lightning protection facilities are mainly composed of three parts: a lightning arrester, a down conductor, and a grounding device, and the grounding resistance must meet the specification requirements to achieve the function of lightning protection, but the lightning protection device is exposed to the wind, the sun, and the rain for a long time outdoors. The cold and heat of summer, such as frost, the material will decline with time, resulting in a decline in protection performance. The first-class lightning protection facility inspection agency can detect the presence of broken, corrupted, and severely damaged lightning protection equipment by detecting the lightning protection facilities. Corrosion, poor contact, and breakage between the three devices can avoid potential dangers due to damage.

  2, timely detection of performance degradation for maintenance updates

  The internal lightning protection facilities of buildings are mainly lightning protection devices used for preventing lightning induced by various electronic and electrical equipment. The materials used for these lightning protection devices are mainly zinc oxide varistor elements and other electronic components, among which the lightning protection devices are After one or more repeated induced lightning strikes, the performance will be reduced or attenuated. Therefore, regular lightning protection facilities must also be inspected, and the problems of performance degradation must be detected in time for timely repair or replacement.