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What is the lightning protection report?

Update:04 Aug 2016

With the development of science and technology, people […]

With the development of science and technology, people have many measures for lightning protection. Lightning detection is the use of scientific and effective technology in a segment, testing scientific measurements on the ground or buildings. I do not know if you understand the content of the lightning detection report?

  First: Tested data and related results

  Lightning detection requires skilled construction personnel to carry advanced detection equipment for testing, and to sort out the data and results. However, after the data is detected, the data needs to be revised, because the data measured by the testing instrument may have a range of errors. Therefore, the inspector needs to correct the error of the test data and calculate it again. If you find that there are some problems in the detection, you should find the content of the desired specification, and write the corresponding specification requirements together with the problem into the test report.

  Second: Write out ways to correct hidden dangers

  Some conclusions drawn from lightning protection detection and areas where hidden dangers exist, the testing party needs to write out specific rectification measures or rectification plans, which will enable the tested party to recognize and understand.

  Third: The report should be filled in and issued

  When filling out the report, the content must be standardized. After the report is completed, the technical responsible person will be checked again. If the review is normal, the content can be issued. However, a strict system must be installed, whether it is filled in or issued, must be in duplicate or multiple copies and registered so that the parties can archive and inquire.

  Fourth: After the rectification of hidden dangers, it is necessary to conduct re-inspection according to the methods such as writing a report.

If a hidden danger is discovered in the initial lightning protection detection project and a specific plan for the rectification of the hidden trouble is written, the detected party will need to rectify it in time, and the rectification needs to be carried out by the testing party after the rectification is complete. The re-inspection procedure and the report writing method similar.