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Lightning Protection Products Are Necessary For People

Update:22 Aug 2018

There are a number of natural disasters would bring dam […]

There are a number of natural disasters would bring damages to people, this result in various of insurance policies for homeowners.


When a home gets hit by lightning there is huge amount of voltage and it's looking for the least resistance place it can go. It would come through your wiring system your plumbing system or even through the roof.


When lightning strikes, nothing in its path is safe. Homes can be protected by installing ground rods on top of the building, around the building and that has to be done by a licensed electrician.


The rods are driven into the ground to provide grounding to carry an electric current from a lightning strike away from a structure. It should be noted that ground rods are not 100 percent effective, but they lessen the damage to structures.


Shibang New Material offers high quality, safe Chemical Earth Rod and Lightning Protection Products for people who need to protect their buildings.