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Means Of Effectively Preventing Lightning

Update:21 Jan 2019

Since we lack a means of effectively preventing lightni […]

Since we lack a means of effectively preventing lightning, we provide it with a low resistance path to ground connected to a high, pointed conductor; a lightning rod.

The pointed rod encourages ionization of the air by compressing charges into a small area; when a massive charge difference builds up during a storm, positively charged “streamers” of plasma air are emitted by the point, reaching towards connection with a “stepped leader” in the sky. Once the connection is made, a lightning strike occurs.

The idea is to get lightning to strike where we want it to, as opposed to random portions of a structure which may explode or burst into flames.

A lightning rod on a radio tower emitting a positive streamer before the strike.

3-phase power lines protected from lightning by a single, grounded “shield” conductor at the very top.