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Use Copper Tape On Underground Cables

Update:01 Nov 2018

Copper tape refers to a thin strip of copper, often bac […]

Copper tape refers to a thin strip of copper, often backed with adhesive. Copper tape can be found at most hardware and gardening stores and sometimes electronic stores. Copper tape is used to keep slugs and snails out of certain areas in gardens, potted plants, and trunks of fruit trees, and other trees and shrubs. It is also used for other applications, such as electromagnetic shielding or low-profile surface mount transmission line in electronics and in the production of tiffany lamps.


Copper tape can't be used instead of solder when repairing electronics. Copper wire or tape will make excellent connections. However unless it is bonded and air excluded. Air and pollution will cause oxidation and failure in the connection. There are only two ways of making good airtight connections, high pressure or high temperature welding, and use of low melting point solder.


Copper screen on the underground cables are for folowing reasons:


To relieve electrostatic stresses from the insulaton of the core.
To earth the leakage fault currents or the capacitive currents preventing damage to the insulation.
The copper screen is usually connected to the ground at the end terminations for shorter cable lengths. For longer cable lengths earthing can also be done at splices to provide redundancy.


Drawback is the losses due to induction from core , which also restricts the cable to be used to ful capacity.