Earth rod spike

Earth rod spike

Earth rod spike

earth rod spike

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Earth rod spike Details

Material High Strength Steel
Function Protecting the ground rod
Type Threaded
Tensile Strength More than 580 N/mm2
Service Life More than 50 years
Characters Easy to install and low construction cost
Common Sizes 1/2"; 5/8"; M16; 3/4"; M18; 1"
Certificate ISO9001: 2008

Spike for 16mm dia earth rod is made of the high strength steel # 45 and produced by special quenching process. As the head of the ground rods, driving head directly exposed to strike and protect the rods, but also It will reduce construction labor intensity by hit operations of mechanical devices.

Driving head is widely used in earthing project with it's Strong corrosion resistance, Good conductivity, and long use life.

Type No. Sectional Size (Thickness x Width) mm Type No. Sectional Size (Thickness x Width) min
Shibang-TDOl 3x20 Shibang-TD07 5x30
Shibang-TD02 3x25 Shibang-TD08 5x40
Shibang-TD03 3x30 Shibang-TD09 5x50
Shibang-TD04 4x25 Shibang-TDIO 6x30
Shibang-TD05 4x30 Shibang-TDll 6x40
Shibang-TD06 4x40 Shibang-TD12 6x50
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