Ground Module

Ground Module

Ground Module

Low Resistance Ground Module

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Ground Module Details

Material Graphite
Type Plum blossom,column,Square
Rated voltage 220V
Function Reduce the electrical resistivity of earth, Release the lightning power
Certificate Legal Export Licence

Low Resistance Cylindrical Grounding Module is a nonmetallic materials for the main body of the ground, 

with good electrical conductivity and stability characteristics, are widely used in electric power,

telecommunications, railway, construction, Minning,defense and various types of factories, warehouses 

and other facilities, grounding lightning protection, anti-static grounding, and particularly for high soil 

resistivity areas and occasions.    

Item Shape Sizes Weight  (Kg)
Plum  Blossom Φ150MM*800MM 22
Φ150MM*1000MM 27
Φ150MM*1200MM 32
Φ200MM*800MM 45
Φ200MM*1000MM 52
Φ200MM*1200MM 60
Φ260MM*1200MM 75
Column Φ150MM*800MM 28
Φ150MM*1000MM 32
Φ150MM*1200MM 40
Φ200MM*800MM 55
Φ200MM*1000MM 60
Φ200MM*1200MM 70
Φ260MM*1200MM 90
Block 500MM*400MM*60MM 26
600MM*210MM*60MM 18
900MM*180MM*45MM 30

1. BST series earthing module adopts stable nonmetallic material as a module of conductive medium, its electrical conductivity is not affected by season.

2. Moisture absorption moisture, grounding resistance is low, can maintain contact with the soil effectively, grounding resistance is low and can maintain long-term stability.

3. After the big current shock resistance does not increase, also do not have to harden; , brittle fracture phenomenon.

4. At high soil resistivity area grounding, grounding resistance can be reduced effectively.

5. Grounding resistance affected by season is small, resistance to maintain long-term stability.

6. Installation is simple, is not affected by climate and geological conditions.

7. Corrosion resistance, non-toxic, no pollution, long service life to the environment.

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