Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rod Designer

Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rod Designer

Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rod Designer

Wooden carton + pallet for Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rod.

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Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rod Designer Details

Item Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rod
Material Pure Copper or Copper Coated Stainless Steel
Length 0.5M/0.75M or As Your Request
Diameter 12mm; 13mm; 13.5mm; 14mm; 15mm
Corrsponding protection radius 2.14h
The hx height from ground 2.14(h-hx)
Current gradient less than 5KA
Average discharge current less than 7KA
Grounding resistance less than 10 ohm
Resistible wind speed over 50m/s

1. Winding:There is a large protection area without winding. For example, when the winding rate less
than 0.001%, (Apparently at such circumstance, the object protected has little opportunity to be winded.)
and the protection up to 55 ° angle, compared to the traditional real lightning rod, controllable discharging
lighting rod almost has no opportunity to be winded.

2. Scope of protection: When the protected object attacked by around 0.1%, (currently a point of order
under the allowable value), controllable discharging lighting rod up to 66.4 ° angle, but traditional lightning
rod is much more smaller than that. (Take the traditional lightning rod is more economical at strong
intensive thunder area, while there still has opportunity that be struck by lighting).

3. Efficiency and application prospects: Controllable lightning rod is a widely used protection device
with wide application prospects, with a high using value.

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